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I wonder what you did over the weekend... Others may greatly dislike Valentine's Day - Bad past? Felt cheated? Mostly break-ups and couldn't get over it!

We tend to question: Why am I still stuck hurting?

Calm down and just breathe - make it a long good one... It was just a day! Self realization of a simple mistake that we only need to examine closely and maybe we're all just looking for pain at times.

Valentine's Day is not only for love birds, couples, special / complicated relationships but deem ideal for family, friends, someone you just met online or on a recent trip and for ourselves - the beautiful and rare singles *evil grin*

Oh well, who doesn't want a romantic night or perhaps a getaway with your Beau? Although I agree that "It's Great to Be Single" people are the most creative and (usually) has the nicest ideas during Valentine's.

I had a few fun night ideas in mind but ended up covering for WazzupPilipinas as I intend to be so so busy nowadays! I attended the event but I wasn't a dater, not yet, but likely will consider joining next time.

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Christian Grey is all over the news - why not a theme? 
"50 Shades of Love" were presented and created by Oz Bar and the clever girls of Telu Events

 I intentionally named this blog Speed Dating 101 as I want to share the basic ideas of it. I think not all women are open minded - I wasn't, until I learned it's not ALL about finding love which is a common misconception all the time.

If you're getting back into dating then this could be for you...

There were about 54 daters participated this year. Everyone was handed ^ this yellow card. Names were written on it as they move and can either mark "Absolutely!" or "Nope!".

 For instance, Nate marked Eens - "Absolutely!" then
Eens marked Nate - "Absolutely!" at the end of the game, both of them can exchange numbers. Cool, eh?

Same drill works for several dating apps and this proudly Pinoy made Peekawoo - soon available for Android users :)

They provided these cards to keep away dull moments...

I couldn't believe we can learn so much about someone in just 5 minutes, other participants find it short though.

The daters were so thrilled - noticed on the second to the last sets. Again, the questions I heard were (just) simple and basics (right after the name was asked) so stick to that, not limited to these:

Where you from?
What brings you to join in?
What are your interests and hobbies?
Would you mind if I ask your age?
Do you drink?
You fancy travelling?
Where do you work?
What are you doing afterwards?

Apologies, I was totally listening to most of you all through out... ;)

It's a common notion that guys aren't born to start an interesting conversation straight away. It may be awkward at first but the objective is to enjoy talking to new people hence the main purpose of joining anyway.

It all depends on individual expectations I guess... If you're looking for love, no one can tell that you'll find him / her on Speed Dating, chances are we never really know when and where you're going to find it; Do you ever really think there's such a thing as true love? I want to believe so! I personally heard true and successful stories many times like how one girl shared her parents' blind date marriage.

In reality, we can't hurry love and it will even come when you least expect it, even so when you don't look your best.

Congratulations Telu Events for a remarkable 50 Shades of Love! I wish you continue your good service as cupids <333

Don't miss their upcoming Dating Events, find them here:

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  1. When I was still in college days, I've always wanted to try speed dating. :D

  2. I've heard of this but I've never gone to one. It works for others, I guess. I love the ID, though, it's "your" pleasure to meet me, haha!

  3. Ahh! I've always been curious about speed dating. Ot's good to have those guide cards of questions to keep the conversation going. :)

    1. Exacty my thoughts. I'm super curious and I don't know if I could even talk at all. Hahahah!

  4. this is exactly what my a lot of my single friends need!!! will share w them :)

  5. Teehee! Solution for my single friends!

  6. Lols! Almost tried this myself before but I was too shy to actually go. Cool concept though!

  7. Yes, we can't hurry love. We need to be patient because sooner or later, love will find us.

  8. I love the idea! Hahaha! Are there some peeps from here whose still seeing each other? :)

  9. Sounds exciting to me! If at the moment I am still single and with the confidence that I have now (yup, I didn't have before), I would probably have joined as well.


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