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Upon recognition of the NSA by POC, ATFAP (American Tackle Football Association of the Philippines) was able to form their own National Team called the PILIPINAS AGUILAS for the sport of American Football. Last April 26, 2014, at their own expense, the 50-man Pilipinas Aguilas delegates went to Tokyo, Japan to face the long time dominant force of Asia and in the world for the qualifying game for the 2015 World Championship in Sweden. The Philippines lost by a big margin, but that was to be expected from a 3 month program from the Philippines against an 80 year program from Japan. "Now we know where we are at and now we know what we need to do."

Thus, we are more committed on building our program. We have now invited 2 international teams to train our players and at the same time have a full international friendly game. This year we are inviting an Australian State Team to the country to teach our players and at the same time play against our National Team training pool, simply called the Aguilas, on August 16th 2014 for a friendly game. This sharing of football knowledge will help our National Team grow in experience for the upcoming 2016 IFAF Asian official games composed of 8 countries.

ATFAP has started its program for the development of American football in the country with the creation of the ImPACT Program or I Am Pilipinas Aguilas Club Training Pool Program. This American football club will be the official training pool for the National Team for official local and international games under ATFAP and the International Federation of American Football(IFAF).

Under the ImPACT Program, any Filipino and foreigner can register and be part of the pool and undergo training to develop their individual fundamentals and skills under one National Team Club Training Pool called the Aguilas. The objective is to invite coaches, players and referees, both Filipinos and foreigners alike, who have experienced coaching, playing or officiating American football in any level… high school, college, semipro or international competitions. They will then voluntarily train Filipinos who want to excel in this sport and be part of the all-Filipino National Team called the Pilipinas Aguilas.

Part of the training will be for both Filipinos and foreigners to play side by side in either a local mix-up game or an international friendly game because the only way for Filipinos to experience real American football is to play along with these experienced players first before they battle it out against foreign teams. This is sharing of football knowledge first hand.  

In order for Filipinos to be prepared to face international players, part of the ImPACT Program is to form an all-foreigner team coming from the Aguilas Club members. This all-foreigner team will be called the Day-U-Won (The day you won … against foreigners) or in Filipino language Dayuhan meaning foreigners. The Day-U-Won Team will test these Filipinos in an annual game of real  American football, testing what they have learned from their foreign teammates/mentors. Eventually we will have a pool of experienced Filipinos who will now be chosen to represent the Philippines in official international games such as the 2018 IFAF Asian Continental Championship and the IFAF Seniors World Championship being held every four years with the next being in 2019.

This ImPACT Program will have its second test run as the National Team Training Pool (Aguilas Club Team) takes on the Korean Tigers for an International Friendly Game this February 28th, 2015 at the Emperador Stadium, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio. Tickets will be sold on the game day itself at the stadium's entrance gate for P100. Visit our website and our official  Facebook page at Pilipinas Aguilas.  For inquiries, please call 0917 5290821.

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