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I did recently! They are known as Supreme Business Solutions Worldwide, and I personally met the people behind its success over a sumptuous dinner at Pinac about 2 weeks ago. 

Supreme now offers a wide range of high-quality beauty products, wellness and even health concerns treatment / remedies.

They are the FIRST direct selling company who brought Garcinia Cambogia Plus ^ in the Philippines which is now very popular, should you either plan to: lose weight, maintain the hourglass figure and have a perfect supplement before or following our regular exercise. 

This is the first Supreme product I have used if I'm honest... I am loving the effect because of its compound called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) - which relatively helps reduce food intake and a great capsule for my insanity workouts. 

Being a proud member of Supreme, I am using the products myself and I have a new favorite - the Dead Sea Salt Scrub

It just so happened that toiletries are my weakness - from scrub, foot soak, gels, oils, in-shower moisturizers, et al! I bet you will love this too...

Obviously, it can help exfoliate, clean and restore moisture of our body hence it's another way (even cheaper) to have a "Spa-like treatment" at home. Look, it comes with that cute white flexible kiddie spatula right there... At my first attempt, I checked the label straight away because of it's fruity oil smell, likely shea butter and creamy apricot that I love. The unique combination of dead sea minerals, plant extracts and aromatic oils are ideal for fine, dry and even delicate skin care. And because it is "sea", the salt has a nice size, density may be the right term so it's perfectly gentle! 

I can't wait to try all of Supreme's premiere products... They have a lot! Stand-by for more :)

"Supreme will be on top of the direct selling industry not just as income generating enterprise to many Filipinos who are jobless but for everyone in the Philippines to appreciate the value of money or investment," says Supreme's President Jeffrey Pelayo. 

To achieve financial freedom, let's talk soon! THERE ARE (10) WAYS TO EARN WITH SUPREME! 

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