What's New at Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle?

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Adventure Jungle - the 2000 sqm zoo and private facility inside Manila Zoo for 14 years now has a new and exciting activity launched over the weekend, 30/Nov.

At the entrance, look what greeted us - beautiful birds and yes, reptiles...  

Maybe? one day, will be more than willing to carry you on my neck... *sigh* 

Right after the shoot, we had a mini tour hence I am now sharing what we saw... The atmosphere and getting up-close with strange and beautiful animals was a good experience for my 8-yo boy and myself.

 The Brick Adventure is a place for young at heart to play this famous toy building brick (Original Lego Toys). The bricks can be assembled in different ways to breathe any object your mind desires. In the Adventure Jungle, people created lots of different animals - like a giraffe which is 6 feet high and even an amazing seating lady named Andria. The exhibit is a site to see and not an ordinary brick construction because of the gigantic toys from the usual 3-4 inches miniatures.

Good job, Kuya!

 During our short talk, among 58 different species are their amazing 50-year old Mr. T (Tortoise), Blu (Hyacinth Mazaw from the famous 2011 movie Rio) and Gabbie (Gibbon).

The highlight of the event was meeting Maali and we fed her bananas. It was so much fun and we were so thrilled. Thank you Mr John Chua!

The photo I posted on Instagram that Sunday ^
Happy 40th Birthday Maali! See you again soon sweetie...

This Holiday, let's go, play and check out the Brick Adventure and exhibit. Meet the feathery and furry friends only at Adventure Jungle.

For more information, check Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle on Facebook, @Kinder_zoo on Twitter or send SMS to Ms Neng Lubrico  +63928 8343476. 

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is located inside Manila Zoo in Adriatico St., Malate, Manila 

Thanks again for the invite Grace! :)

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