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Long day at work, able to relax in this elegant straightforward dining at Waterside Restobar launch on 17th December. The strong and heart-healthy flavors and protein-rich Mediterranean cooking was so perfect that evening which led me dream of Europe, Turkey and more of Greece. No need to fly for now, the Waterside Restobar in Sky Tower of Solaire Resort and Casino has classic dishes that you would surely enjoy and a few new offers to take - like a paella cooking station, churrascaria, rotisserie and tapas bar.

I bet the expert chefs have kitchen tested recipes and styles on Latin American. Well, you can check the photos and it is my hope to hear your food and waterfront dining experience once you get the chance! 

The food made me so cheerful with moderate amounts of wine -


Sardanillas - not with so fishy taste, packed in olive oil, served with crusty bread

 Banderillas - this tapa obviously excites everyone's pallet; so colorful and heard it doesn't require cooking!

 Jabugo - cured ham, pineapple with blue cheese

 Chorizo - sweet melon and mint; as we know a mainstay of Spanish-style tapas

 Boquorones - soft cooked egg served with Aoli

II. Paella Valenciana <333

The classic saffron spiced paella with chicken, prawns and pimiento... *all-thumbs up*
^ This and ALL (III. "From The Grill") made me say - Yes, I highly recommend Waterside Restobar and way better if you can catch the sunset when you dine.

 Beef Brisket - twice cooked, poached and charred

Jumbo Prawns and Inihaw ng Liempo

I am a prawn freak LOL 
Get this if you are!

 Crack Back Chicken - (1) whole chicken brined, roasted and BBQ glazed lemon, garlic and pimiento

We also had the "IV and V. Co - Stars and the Sauces"

Asparagus with lemon and goat's milk
Crushed  - scruffled carbonara potatoes
Humita - sweet corn baked in husk 

Chimichuri, Bordelaise and Red Pepper Spackle

VI. SWEETS - Pineapple (ravioli, chili and sorbet) 

Chocolate Tart (rasberry jelly) - ridiculously rich and delicious dark chocolate!!!

 Congratulations and have a magical holiday!
Thank you for having us... ;)

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