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I met this hunk during the Schools Run I attended about 2 years ago along with his fellow (Fila) ambassadors. Oh well, no wonder people (students at that time) went over gaga with his clearly defined features. He's obviously a cutie, very personable and easy-going type of guy.

But you may strongly agree that he's looking even so good now...

Fabio seemed very determined by what he have accomplished so far. He started as a model in the country 6 years ago. His typical day is packed these days. Apart from being a TV Host, he's a BLU (energy drink) man and managing his bar/club businesses in Manila.  
I personally asked what made him decide to put up this kind of business and it was so interesting to learn how he consider Brazilian culture very similar to ours - which is not limited to having a drink with friends after work, talking about how good life is, while enjoying Mojito on the side and this view...

Our candle light groufie :)

I'd say Fabio's coping very well on our culture, practices, especially the native language. I am impressed and even commended him.

On a personal note, he's a well rounded person with passions/interests and currently enjoys: (outside of work)

- Surfing
- Fast cars
- He's a get-fit guy, working out hard enough
- He watch what he eats
- Travel at times and now a
- Proud dad to Dani <333

Fabio, we had a good time weeks ago! Keep your feet on the ground. My hopes for a more busy and successful year after year! Looking forward to the travel show, trust it will happen real soon... *fingers crossed*

Obrigado! :-*

Enjoy your holiday in Brazil with your family!

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