Oasis Garden Cafe @ Solaire

11:57:00 PM

Felt a little bad to miss the afternoon tea party invite days ago. This was during the Oasis Garden Cafe Launch at the new Sky Tower - anyway, here's a glimpse of the cafe... I instantly love the place the moment i walked in. The feeling that you are so close to nature!

The sign which is visible from the main entrance ^

^ This is like a huge bird's nest...

These are the scones served for us that day, too bad I never had the chance to at least touch/taste one of each... It is my hope to be back soon with the kiddies!!!

All I have posted are deliciously available at Oasis Garden Cafe. After taking the photos, I run to the next launch for Waterside Restobar. Check the more informative blog I made separately... 
If you fancy teas like myself, we have to go to Oasis Garden Cafe real soon!

Solaire is a bit huge but car park has never been an issue, to date... You won't get lost as well because of these friendly signs scattered all over the resort.

... and yes, it's Christmas in 4 days! Can you feel it?

Solaire's theme this year - handmade ornaments made from natural materials like banana and cotton pods, even glass pellets and trims.

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