Call-A-Beer: U RING... WE BRING...

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Ever hosted a home party when it's so late, everyone's having a good time, feeling tipsy and yet you need to walk out for more beers? (screaming) YYEEESSSS! Trust we've all have been!

Don't drink and drive, there's a Beer Delivery Service now in Manila - reliable, friendly and fast. Call on Call-A-Beer!

Note: Photos are for descriptive purposes only and do not indicate that the item is available at all times

To place your home delivery order, you may contact any of the following numbers during delivery hours from 4:00PM until 12:00MN daily:

Landline (632) 897-4468 | Globe +63917 648-8777 | Smart +63920 299-1111  


1) Call-A-Beer currently delivers FREE at the following areas: Katipunan, Libis, Ortigas and Pasig
*Special delivery may be arranged

2) Customers may opt to have the beers delivered on a later date / specific time or window (advance call preferred for faster delivery)

3) Call-A-Beer reserve the right to deny any delivery at the Manager’s discretion

4) Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice

5) Signature of an adult and / or proof of age (18 and up) is required for ALL deliveries

PRICING PER CASE in Philippine Peso
*Minimum of (1) Case / transaction

Locally Brewed Beers

San Miguel Light 795
San Miguel Pale Pilsen 795
Red Horse 795

Imported Beers

Stella Artois 2640
Corona 2760
Hoegaarden 3000
Bluemoon 3120

It's a dream come true to all beer aficionados in town.
Double chilled, draft and even below 0 degrees delivered right to our front door... 
It's the safest way to have fun!

C H E E R S ! ! !

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