Barkada Chicken Inasal

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Right before I left for China, I attended the Barkada Chicken Inasal food review and this eating joint is very accessible to where I currently stay. 

They seriously serve all-time favorite Filipino comfort food at a very affordable price and the dishes /chef's (formerly from Alex III) specialties are surprisingly good that we even ended up asking the Owner if he is deem sure of the pricing. 

What we have tried that day are as follows, will include the price for your guidance cause they also offers delivery within the area:

Lumpiang Shanghai P75
(Spring Rolls)

Sizzling Sisig P110
Haven't tried to make my own but as per research, to make sisig more authentic, we should put pig's ears, "pisngi" or cheek, liver all finely chopped, seasoned with calamansi + knorr seasoning and a little mayo to achieve creaminess on every bite. I personally prefer the crispy ones over other versions, too much onions and dressing at times.

Boneless Chicken BBQ - one of their bestsellers, served with 1 cup of rice and atchara

Pinakbet P80
Mixed stir-fried vegetables simmered in shrimp paste or "Bagoong"
I enjoyed this so much. The vegetables are not over-cooked and not too salty. Best paired with their Soy Chicken / Crispy Pata :)

They call this "Soy Chicken" but very crispy and also soft - Half P130 ; Whole P250 

Crispy Pata "knuckles" P320
You heard me right, not even a typho... The whole can be take home for only P320
This is my favorite and the Kare-Kare (forgot to take a photo, everyone was so thrilled) 
Apart from its juiciness, it is so huge and perfect for a family lunch / dinner at home
 Their Kare-Kare is not the typical dish with yellow orange color sauce; It was so light colored and yet very tasty and the serving was so generous, the meat proportion is greater than the vegetables. :) The shrimp paste is perfect to make it a little salty and opted to have a pinch of sugar for the Crispy Pata' dipping sauce (a mixed of soy sauce, vinegar, chopped onions, spices)

I never had the chance to try the whole cup. I've had enough that day! Btw, this Mais Con Yelo is so so good for P35, we only suggested to make the ice even more crushed...  

After a week, I tried their delivery service and the agreed time was fulfilled and so my demands (all checked) - the food were packed well, got me a huge Crispy Pata and Chicken again and didn't miss the sauce for the Cheese Sticks. 

Top to Bottom (L-R): Cheese Sticks, Soy Chicken (Whole), Beef Caldereta and Crispy Pata
Nothing's new, all tasted so so good! Congratulations BCI, my kids lurved your food... :)

Barkada Chicken Inasal
3270-D Armstrong Ave., Merville Access Road, Pasay City
For delivery, contact: 776-7026 / 09175737026

All-time favorite Filipino breakfasts are also available such as: Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog and even Adsilog for only P65/order. I missed to tell you that I had Green Mango Shake when we dine out and other seasoned fruit shakes are available for only P40. 

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