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Got a very special invite last Friday and able to attend the Bloggers Night happened at Solaire Resort and Casino to spread the forthcoming World Poker Tour (1st WPT National Philippines Event) happening for 12 days from 16-28th of October 2014. We came in early so here's a peek inside Solaire's 3-Bay Suite... I have always loved hotels!

Like what I always say... it's not the fancy room but the bed, sheets and bathtub! :)

Okay, so we were there to play Poker but I never experienced playing it on a casino, ever. I know how popular Poker is, both on television, online and even with celebrities. The growth is phenomenal. Apart from other casino games, Poker is a favored hobby among men. Probably because it's their nature to challenge each other. We were introduced to notable poker players who acted as mentors that night. 

Ron Regis used to work on television but decided to play full-time and now a Poker coach in the country. Ron shared basic strategies we can use and skills would definitely improve through practice. “Poker is not making hands or making money anymore, it turned into something more fundamental about making decisions. And these decisions come from the information around me, which is the sexy thing about poker is being able to tell if someone is lying.”

One of the pioneers in the Poker industry is Marco Aventajado who started playing in 2007. He made Poker more recognizable in the country. “I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but the three people who’ll be talking tonight will share you the virtues of reading strategy for poker. The only way to gain knowledge about something is to experience it or in someone else’s work.” He even emphasized that the goal or object of the game is to win the most money - friend's money. :)

The last speaker who shared his personal insights was the Filipino Poker King, Vic De Guzman who strongly believe that Filipinos are creative and would more likely win the tour. He said he's still a corporate person who don't look like our typical poker guy. 

After the short introduction, we were divided into (3) groups and we were assigned to Marco. During the trial game, I noticed a few strategies between bets. It was a remarkable experience; too bad I wasn't able to finish the game. Hope we get an exclusive invite at Solaire again! :)

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