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I normally enjoy middle eastern cuisine. Who wouldn't love anything grilled, baked or even sauteed in olive oil? They love yogurt - creamy and thick is highly desirable and considered same... Glad to be part of this review done a week ago at Persia Grill, Kapitolyo Branch. We have tasted so much wildly delicious food! Check out what can be pleasing the next time you dine out.

The restaurant was established from a family's love for food and bringing people together. Recipes originated from their grandmother's kitchen in Tehran, Iran.

For our first bite, we had the following APPETIZERS:

Peshgahza Php 395 Family PhP 250 Junior PhP 115/120 Solo
Combination of all 4 Dips served with Pita Bread:

(1) Salad Oliveyeh - potato dip with chicken, egg, dill pickles & olive oil
(2) Baba Ganoush - freshly roasted eggplant mixed with olive oil and persian spices
(3) Hummus - high in fiber, mashed chick peas & olive oil
(4) Must O'Khiar - classic cucumber, garlic and Persian yogurt dip

Fallafel (4 pcs) PhP 185
- deep fried patty made from ground chickpeas and beans

Creamy Yogurt Shake for only PhP 85 :)

... the SPECIALS are as follows:

Abgusht, a traditional Persian Beef Stew PhP 260
You may opt to add rice!

Beef Biryani PhP 345
Served with long grain Basmati Biryani rice, vegetable salad and yogurt!

Chicken Barbeque PhP 175 - Bestseller!

The skewers (Kebab) made it all complete... Kristine prepared the dipping sauce in front of us!

Beef Kebab and Morg Stick for PhP 115, Taka Stick for PhP 160/order

Sizzling Ox Brain PhP 140

All Vegetable Musakka PhP 225
Persia Grill's best selling dish made of eggplant, onions, tomato, chick peas, cooked in olive oil and served with pita bread and yogurt. 

Shawarma Sandwich (Premium Beef on a soft pita bread + veggies) PhP 85

I love their Leche Flan! Creamy, rich and soft just they way I like it!

This is Must O'Asal - combination of Yogurt, Honey and rolled Oats (Muesli)

If I am to recommend a good restaurant nearby, fab food and surprisingly perfect for your budget - Persia Grill is the place to be!
Check out their complete Menu and Branches - 

My friends asked what to order... I answered ALL! Everything I tried that day was perfect.
If you want to chill out, they also have Sheesha for only PhP 299


FOOD - very good
PRICES - fair
SERVICE - superb
PLACE - cozy

For more details, visit

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