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Attended an exclusive Spa Party in Quezon City weeks ago. Prior to the event, I made a reservation for a Full Body Massage as I was craving for some deep tissue pressure for weeks. I fancy comfort apart from shopping and dining but nothing beats relaxation even for an hour or two!

Have tried The Zen Institute many times in the past but this is my first time to blog about the massage experience. Had the chance to shower before the session, and that's when I met Josie - she's a good therapist and knows what her doing.

The massage was so so good and 1 hour seem too short! 

They provide lockers too for all your personal stuff ^

To understand the latest Weight Management Program, we were all given a chance to experience the service and opted to have the Ultralipo Treatment which is ideally done 1 X a week for a month or more for faster results. Better of course if we exercise regularly and/or into some intense workouts.

Ultralipo is a non-surgical treatment and can be done on buttocks, hips, thighs, arms and belly with no side effect!

I chose my tummy to be rubbed as it's my problem area for years. Lol
The procedure is very much similar when an ultrasound is being done except there's no penetration of course. I lay down, clothed then Josie used lubricating gel to moisten my skin. Ultralipo is said to reduce cellulite and body volume. 

The treatment lasted for about 20 mins. I was told that it would give frequent urination as fats are being excreted by the body and guess it's a normal reaction. I am currently doing insanity workouts and hopeful that Ultralipo will help me achieve what I want. :)

So much better... I looked so relaxed and enjoyed the day! TY Zen Institute :)

The Zen Institute Weight Management Program was highlighted during the event. Specifically 'Colonics' that involves gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water (about 25 liters), to remove toxins and allow vital nutrients to be absorbed by the body and leaves you feeling healthy and light. Colonic Irrigation also includes a coffee cocktail that promotes faster metabolism and improves the absorption of nutrients in the body. 

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