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It's not a perfect world (never!). Yes, there's love, serious attention, hurting, pain and goodbyes. The fact of the matter is - we will not live forever.

Others may have less time over us, but we never know! Tomorrow isn't promised ~ I always believe that, and one day, we will all retire (die).

Have you ever thought of a final place of rest? 

If I'm honest, I don't like discussing death until about two years ago when I lost the person I loved the most. I was prompted on what was going on; Needless to state, I AM WIDOWED AT 33. It was pretty difficult, even unbearable for everything was so sudden. It was the toughest decision I ever had to make - ground, tomb or cremation? 

I felt so damaged to go on. Will the kids be okay without their father? We don't have enough money and it wasn't a priority at all (of course)... We relatively had nicer plans. I am mourning the loss but the reality is not always fair, cruel at times and needed to make arrangements either way. I was given 3 options at that time, 2 locations for a common (burial) practice, far away and more expensive, hence the family and I opted to get a niche and that box. 

NOTE: These walls are not in Aeternum

Aeternum Garden obviously got MORE to offer - good features, packages, modern amenities and benefits for family and friends to reflect and meditate at any given time. 

Aeternum means forever and to eternity. The number 8 or infinity symbol on their logo explains the significance. 

That's the man-made lagoon and waterfalls ^

Who would have thought a tranquil place like this to honor the memory of a loved one in the heart of Makati?

Park-like setting ^

We had a Pre-Halloween Event over the weekend and learned about Aeternum being the first "True Garden Columbary" in the Philippines. 
The garden is situated inside the Heritage Park, Area 2 in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. I live in the South and it only took me about 30 minutes - via C5 road, acquired to enter the park and had a visible and huge parking space. 

Parking, never a hassle even during Undas (All Saints' & Souls' Day) as per the staff.

My family, friends and colleagues admired the photos I've posted on Instagram during the event. You may click on the thumbnails to make the photos bigger - 

The place is clean, well-maintained and so green as if the air and grass has curative powers. If someone took me there blindfolded, for instance a surprise, will never believe it's a graveyard. No wonder Aeternum is even one of the suggested / favored Pre-Nuptial shoot locations in the Metro.

All of us will have the chance to discover the unknown world, in time!

Quality construction materials were used... Oh I love that bridge ^ 

"Sometimes, you need to let things go."

L: Ecumenical Chapel
R: Anthurium - the structure symbolizes love, depicted by the flower's heart shape

I obviously love the place however I don't intend to rest permanently, real soon. *winks* We all have dreams! My bucket list is about 300+ and growing. I want to believe (again) that life is beautiful, that's all I ask before I enjoy the other side of the world.

I am always curious... I asked the VP, Mr. Vince Mercado as to how can a not so rich person afford Aeternum? He smiled and confirmed that flexible payment terms may be acquired depending on client's preference + paying capacity. Expensive then, eh? Not at all! I dare you to find out. Choose from Basic, Plus and Premium plans.

Vince is a member of the ATAT Racing Team and other rider friends were present during the event. My wish to hop on a Ducati, happened that night and to some blogger friends. It was so fun, great bonding and will never forget how delighted I am for winning the "Bring Me a Technomarine watch"!   

ATAT's Number 8 - Mr. Marc De Joya

Words to live by: 

"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."
"The idea is to die young as late as possible."

We deserve nothing but the best. 

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Aeternum Garden Columbary is Owned and Developed by The Fort Park Estate Inc. 

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