Blogapalooza - OCT '14

8:04:00 AM

Parked at about 11:00am. I was feeling a little under the weather, called in sick last Friday shift but glad I was able to drag myself out of bed on a lazy Saturday morning to experience Blogapalooza this year. 

Lugged around for 10 hours, my right shoulder went red, run out of Epsom Salts for my tired feet but again, THANK YOU to all the SPONSORS!

My first photo for the day!
The queue wasn't too bad at all... Got my ID, red sack in 15 minutes or so! I started to check the booths before 12:00nn and most of it were keen accepting registrants and some prepared games to give out more prizes to bloggers. I think I have perfectly signed up with everyone. 

The highlight of the event was meeting other bloggers, friends you haven't seen for awhile. What I enjoyed mostly are -

- Krispy Kreme donut making with my Kumare but needed to wait for they run out of icing:

- Niu by Viking Tour + 10% discount if you dine before 10/NOV (will blog on this separately)

- Zomato's "Bring Me" game in exchange for mug, notebook and a shirt; I personally enjoyed the game and it was nice to finally meet you, Elaine. Hope to attend your future events... I was asked to bring (6) people wearing red. They were considerate enough to count Zomato people wearing their red uniform shirt so I ended up getting (3) more and Ideal Vision girls were so cooperative. Finished the task in less than 10 minutes :)

- Crocs Leisurer Keyfob, pen and stickers

 - Caronia's Special Collection (Blue Moon)

- Flawless' balloon dart board where I took home (2) kits, each bag worth P1300; For those who got the Stem Cell kits, be mindful of the EXP, we have about 3 weeks to consume it... :)

- Sample Room's Spahhnitizer (Zenutients); one of the busiest booths as everyone were required to register on their website before getting a freebie; good thing I signed up months ago! I wondered who will get the Burt Bee's pack?! No winners were announced before closing...

- VIP/Privilege cards from Ideal Vision, Dr Kong, ACE Water Spa and Fukuda

- Bioessence's Premium Pass where I can experience a special pampering treatment; may blog and share on Facebook to get a chance to meet Allison Harvard

- 's Affiliate Program where we can 15% commission on sales

- Vouchers and a free drink at Sky High from ACE Water Spa but was asked to post a photo straight away showing their booth and yet the WIFI connection wasn't kind throughout the day...

Overall, it was a memorable experience, tiring but fun. If I'm honest, was only expecting merchants to give out more product/services for bloggers to review, similar to how bloggers raved from last year's Blogapalooza. 

Good to see you Mars, Aris, Sol, Alice, Arnel and... :)

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