NOW OPEN: Haute Heads Salon

5:58:00 AM

I've attended the Grand Opening Day of Haute Heads Salon at the 5th Level of the newest fashion wing of SM Mega Mall last Thursday - 18/Sep

The newly built HH Salon aims to not only cater to the affluent few but also  to make a difference to the lives of our hardworking masses. "A bolder, tasteful, new you", tag line appeals to those who are looking for a radical change and a fashion forward look but are wary of their budget. 

Haute Heads Salon will champion an array of hair care and styling services such as coiffure, emblazon, streaks, band of colours at a very reasonable price yet still executing the highest level of creativity the doesn't sacrifice deluxe experience. 

Under the creative guidance of the current President of Philippine International Cosmetologists Association (PICA), Asia's Next Top Model Judge, Cycle 2 and world-renowned hair stylist Lourd Ramos, HH Salon not only offers a variety of beauty services but also an emporium of beauty care products while being pampered. 

Totally relaxing and utterly indulging, HH Salon will ensure a blissful experience a salon is yet to offer. A quick visit will not only leave you feeling refreshed and confident but also will touch the very corners of your soul to make a salon trip not a luxurious rarely visit but a money's worth usual habit. 

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