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From last year’s success of the first-ever movie and music festival in the country, Crizal Transitions announced that this year’s CinemaJam is going to be a more spectacular and exciting event, with more artists and visual treats for music- and movie-lovers of all ages, plus the launch of the first and only photochromic lens in the iconic shade of green called Crizal Transitions Signature lenses. 

“We’re looking to do it yearly,” shares Jinky Navo, Marketing Manager of Essilor, the company behind Crizal Transitions, “and 2014 marks a bigger, brighter, and bolder step on our part. Due to positive feedback and audience response that we got last year, we’re very much inspired and excited to once again put together a whole-day spectacle that the whole family can enjoy.”

“In line with this year’s theme “Make A Positive Statement”, CinemaJam will also serve as the perfect venue for the unveiling of our newest product, the Crizal Transitions Signature Green. This pretty much complements our vision as a brand in promoting better eyesight and a positive perspective,” she adds.
Gathering festival-goers from the north and south sides of the Metro, CinemaJam 2014 will happen at the Greenfield District Central Park, Mandaluyong City on November 29, Saturday. From daylight fun transitioning to chill sunset music, to an outdoor movie screening on a giant LED TV and midnight jam, this event is indeed the perfect avenue to simply unwind and have a break from long days of work.

Some of the bands included in this year’s line-up are Franco, Bamboo, Imago, Itchyworms, and Urbandub. While listening to their electrifying music, goers can also check out the impeccable works of art created by different participating art clubs from various universities. 

For the movie screenings, families will surely enjoy one of Hollywood’s most romantic drama films starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave in Letters to Juliet, and box office hit thriller movie Now You See Me led by Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Caine  and Morgan Freeman.

Amongst all these fun activities, Crizal Transitions hopes to raise the awareness of the crowd on the importance of caring for one’s vision in line with this year’s World Sight Day campaign ‘#bettersightbetterlife’. With this, a free eyesight consultation will be offered in the Optical Village booth, a special area manned by eyecare experts and which will also showcase the latest product innovations from Crizal Transitions. 

Other than bringing a huge event like CinemaJam 2014 to raise the flag of good eyesight, Essilor also launches a digital campaign to drive conversation and awareness around the importance of healthy vision ahead of World Sight Day 2014 on October 9, 2014.

Using the hashtag #bettersightbetterlife, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr participants can post some stories behind the importance of good vision like “A thorough eye exam can even diagnose diabetes and cancer. #bettersightbetterlife” or even speak of a scenario that needs to be addressed: “59 percent of traffic accidents may be related to poor vision. #bettersightbetterlife.”

Great music, movies, camaraderie, and reaching visions for the greater good all rolled into one –  CinemaJam 2014 has indeed taken the meaning of festival to new heights as it gives attendees an opportunity to a whole day n entire day of fun bonding activities with family and friends. Aside from outdoor screening of box-office movies and live band performances, each ticket also entitles guests access to outdoor activities like bungee, zip line, wall climbing and so much more!

Be part of the celebration for a cause! Early bird tickets are on sale until October 20. Originally priced at P500, you can now get them for P400 only or get four tickets for free with every purchase of Crizal Transitions Signature.  This serves as your pass to whole-day fun and adventure with family and friends through music, movies, and outdoor activities like zip line, bungee, wall climbing, and more!  

You can also avail of the family package (4 tickets) or the barkada package (5 tickets + 1 free) to save more. Tickets are available from Ticketworld. Call 891 9999 or visit

This year’s Crizal Transitions CinemaJam is sponsored by C-Interactive, Greenfield District Park, Myx, the Official Music Channel, Cinemaone, Police, Toby’s and Medicard Philippines. 

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