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I drafted my first life list when I was 18. Mainly, the intention is to chase my travel dreams and things I wanted to do or see in my lifetime: beach escapes, adventures, road trips, good food and shopping.

I still have about three hundred+ wants and needs to accomplish, and trust it will still grow... I have altered a bit every quarter / year and have seriously contemplated when i married at the age of 22. I am updating consistently for I am single now and blessed with (2) beautiful kids.

Does anyone stick to their list?
Do you always see that everything you planned is achievable?
Your money and time may be infinite to travel now...? Too bad, I'm not lucky enough like you!

It's not a perfect world (never). Our priorities changes over time - challenging to keep it fresh having new and exciting things to fulfill but we find excuses along the way at times.

We will not live forever - others may have less time over us, we never really know. Tomorrow isn't promised. One day, we will all retire (die).

I dare to live fully - I am the happiest person alive when boarding... Whenever I feel appreciated and pleasant, I always proclaim that one day I will travel the world. I am scouting for low-priced nice hotel or room in Vietnam months ago and that's how I chance on Airbnb. I couldn't believe places as low as P400/night for backpackers. I am flying solo this time and I've picked (Wish List) very good places to get, November of this year: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi 

I got no firm plans where to go next but for the time being, my TOP 3 choices are:

Apart from seeing the Sydney Opera House, I will (keeping my fingers crossed):

- scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
- sea kayak Byron Bay up close with dolphins, whales and turtles + touch and climb Cape Byron Light
- ride balloon over Canberra or the Yarra Valley with a scenic champagne breakfast


Renting a car to drive it on Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street are "dreams" since I was a little girl - probably about 8 years old. I have no idea why! I foresee that I will park the car and take a long walk with my hoodie to enjoy the city view from the bridge.
To get the full experience of the city, will definitely hop on board the cable car system. Locals would say its an icon of San Francisco so it is a must for my innocent self.
As greatly affected by hunger after that very long walk... Next is Fishermans Wharf! Did you know that they got fresh off the boat delicious seafood? Awww, I just heard and read it many times! I have yet to see and know then decide *winks*

I want to experience Dublin as the locals do to learn the Irish history more - from castles, churches, parks, best pub, cafes, coastal towns, and even witness St. Patrick's Day Festival (March being the busiest period). Howth Cliff Walk will also be an excellent activity, will take in stunning views of Lambay Island. Sharing a few things from my Bucket List are:

Visit the Guinness
Leisure weekend sailing
Taste the (10) BEST craft beers
Murphy's (Sea Salt) Ice Cream
Order and enjoy Elephant and Castle's Chicken Wings
Go celeb spotting from Dalkey to Killiney - Dublin's top suburbs

Airbnb will be a way to fulfill my dreams... Let's continue to fly! #MyAirbnbBucketList

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