Going YESSS, YAMAN with my (4) Pre-Loved Items!

3:02:00 PM

Let go of the past and every thing that are part of the old you. 

I have posted (4) Pre-Loved (all unused except for the book) Items on Instagram for the above campaign: 

1. Lens Hood for Nikon D7100 
2. (5) Fish Tub Threads by AquaTouch 
3. Laura Ashley Shelf Liner (Scented) 
4. CS for the S® for Tough Times

Among the four items posted, the book is my favorite...

I got it as a surprise shipment from a friend about a month after the husband passed. TY again, this gave me the courage to go on! I've managed to get through a major transitional period in my life. Sometimes, we just need to let things go. I miss smiling and learned to live without him. The feeling is best when you realize that you're just happy without the person you ever thought you needed the most.

Past is past! I've closed my eyes, cleared my ❤ and finally letting go.
I want to pass this book anytime! Now, I am stronger, braver, wiser and ready for a better future with my kids.

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