(9) Skills We Need To Have for Blogging

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What's your story? Do you ever focus on only one particular topic? We all know that blogging is a form of sharing an informative content over the internet and it comes from the term "Web log". When I started to blog, all I ever wanted was to have an online journal because I love to document news, life stories and share what I know, views and experiences. To be honest, this site was poorly lit as my personal life appeared so depressing since NOV of 2012. Prayer was an excellent way to deal with the condition. I am perfectly coping with loneliness and now it's time to make up for the months that I was lost, down and out!

Please do consider the following as tips for I am not an expert to lecture you on this... Let me start by saying these are "BASICS", if you think that blogging is for you:
(Hope I can stretch everything to have NINE on my list)

1. Do you think you can WRITE? If so, then get a free site for the time being and start your blog today...
In reference to your ability, be cautious on your sentence structure, choose your words consistently and give focus on your paragraph.
^ Ensure all (3) mentioned before you hit the Publish button

2. Do you enjoy reading? I do too! Believe that reading a lot can sharpen your writing skills. It may be strange but some bloggers write to expand their reading as well. Great read, great insights, great time to become a better writer. 

3. Proofread - just have an adequate level of attention to detail!

4. Presentation Skills
This is reference to your page design. I forgot about Javascript now but it would help a bit if you know HTML.

5. We need to be social... Create accounts with social sites in order to promote what you write. You may also need to interact with your readers from time to time / on a daily basis and you'd meet incredible people along the way.
If you're serious and thought of doing blogs to earn then you should know how blogosphere works - like where to find readers and how to drive traffic.

6. Are you creative? It's an advantage!
If your content stands out from the rest, then it's a big plus. 

7. Can you take criticism?
Be mindful that there are positive and negative comments but learning from criticism is an important LIFE SKILL!

8. Be consistent.
Take blogging as a challenging routine. Daily posting is not an essential but being able to motivate yourself to blog / post religiously will probably be the best level to aim for. 

9. Manage your time well:
you may be losing sleep, sitting in front your PC either for hours and all day then even running around at events but keep in mind that it only requires practice and effort to form blogging a habit. 

As an additional note: It's never too late to hone the skills and it is not hard to learn something new! See you around :-*

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