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Counting the days, now we're on the #30DaysBlog for JULY 2014 | Day 08

I love reading... Am I book freak but could settle reading online when I'm totally bored, not working/killing time and that include BLOGS! I frequent these pages:

  • Got a very poor vision though it didn't stop me from trying out SCUBA diving. In fact, you can have your mask customized basis your grade or wear contact lenses underwater.

  • Apart from getting regular massage, getting my nails done is my kind of pamper. I just love painted toes. You would rarely see it nude. I fancy brands featured on this blog but not a total buff of Nail Arts... 

  • I get inspired by the lovely photos! It's an ongoing motivation for myself to fulfill that #ONEDAYIWILLTRAVELTHEWHOLEWORLD

  •  A thrill seeker here... I would love an extraordinary island adventures! 

  • I own a room that is full of clutter. I don't have all the time everyday to make it tidy but this blog reminds me how good it is to have collection of things piled up in an orderly way.

  • I learned a lot of clever ideas from this one... Decorating the house especially rooms is my passion!

  • ... picking the pieces of my life! I won't explain further ;)
  • I am flying to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon come November. It is hope to experience an #AustralianLife next.
  • Byron Bay will absolutely be included. I've been dying to touch and climb a real lighthouse and would love to sea kayak up close with whales, dolphins and turtles... then good food + shopping!

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