(6) Tools And Apps I Can't Live Without (?)

10:53:00 PM

I honestly find it so strong to say I can not live with the below Apps; I could! I just find these essential, as of this writing for a lot of reasons. You can take a peek:

You noticed, I got (5) Messaging Apps: FaceTime (not pictured), Skype, Hangouts, YM and Kik. Surely FaceTime is indeed useful but not everyone has an Apple. With my current job, Skype is required at work. Not asked to be "on" 24/7, but it's a good gesture anyway. No need to explain more so will create a list:


I have a tendency to be forgetful at times hence I find "Notes", a default app for iOS useful. Sometimes, I use Sticky Notes.


I am an Arian, birth month is April and joined this #fmsphotoaday of fatmumslim.com.au for fun (and to be more busier) and enjoying it until now. In fact, I have finished a 365Project2013 last year and I'd say it was achievable 'cause you dictate your own subject - any random photo a day for the whole 2013!
Photos are posted using...


How can I ever forget the norm? E-mail/s! I use three. Please don't ask for I don't have a very good answer - 
I got (2) Gmail accounts - set as my iPad emails and a Yahoo - downloaded app!

#4 e-MAILS

I have a happy problem: I simply cannot choose between Facebook and Twitter. 
Aside from blogging, I use the latter when I just wanted to vent out. 
Facebook is becoming an online album for myself, means of communication for family & friends, so...

NUMBER 5 are Facebook AND Twitter 

Lastly, is...

#6 SAFARI for everything else!

See? It doesn't really have to be very complicated! 

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