(4) Things You Don't Know About ME!

4:22:00 PM

#30DaysBlog for JULY 2014 | Day 04

Jumping from the sideline, Happy Birthday America!

Today, will list FOUR THINGS most people don't know about me:

(1) I pay for experiences not things... and have the tendency to splurge on food!

(2) I would buy a class to learn another Language (ready when the money is) - French perhaps. Je veux... :)

TY, Google :*

(3) I used to love flowers.

TY, DeviantArt

(4) Just another weird fact for some: food touching on a same plate is a very big issue for me!!!
I am sure you would thought about buffet (?) I love it but will consume a lot of plates of different sizes. 

So there you have it. Thank you for your time!

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