#30DaysBlog for JULY 2014

11:05:00 AM

A friend on Facebook posted about this and decided to join... I want and need to be busy for I love every minute of it! I have been so down and out, it's time to be back on track. *smiles*

Day 01 was an introduction - ONE, down!

July 1 | #30DaysBlog Challenge
Hi! You can either call me Eens / Eena, whichever your prefer, we're good. I was once married, proud mom to (2) beautiful kids. I'm a foodie and critic, beach bum and have started SCUBA diving recently. I am obviously a thrill seeker. I enjoy the outdoors most. I hike at times. I camp whenever there's a need to unwind. I fancy dolphins, Christmas Day, Choco Chip Cookie, the eight ball (billiards, but I don't play it), road trips, sleeping, recycling and everything that helps me relax. <3

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