#30DaysBlog for JULY 2014 | Day 14

6:49:00 AM

I use Google's Picasa when I blog for a lot of good reasons -

I want to protect every image I post/share on the internet so this is where I get the watermark - I find it easier and faster over Adobe Photoshop. Picasa organizes the pictures I have on my drive and it can import everything from the camera, memory sticks, CDs and more. 

I love taking photos - whether random, landscape, food, events, milestones, et al hence every click I made has (beautiful) meanings.  

I don't normally share / upload pictures from Picasa to Google + but it is doable if you wish to as well as tagging your friends.

With the new version available online, there are 24 effects (Basic and Advanced) that can be applied to our photos - https://support.google.com/picasa/answer/156342

Try and see for yourself...

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