(10) Blogging Rules

11:51:00 PM

The universe has rules and so as blogging... Cautious enough? Do you set rules for yourself every time you write? *Pondering* I believe I do!


Thanks Google for the clips and images!

(1) We all have a story to tell - Narrate. Describe. Express.

(2) KISS - Keep It Short and Simple.
Redundancy is less forgivable in writing!

(3) Embed photos or videos to emphasize your point as this complement our writing.

(4) Further to #3, don't ever steal content, videos and pictures. If you like her/his photo, state their link or sources...

(5) Be creative at all times!
Do you think creativity can be learned or not?

(6) Encourage readers to interact with you. - one way to get more comments on your blog and to further improve it!

(7) Accept feedback.
Take it and make the most out of it as it always matters!

(8) Make friends with other bloggers, not war...
Being part of a good community is a must. Some people would make you feel worse and tear you down and out but it's to them really. Besides, you do the same thing everyday.

(9) Be honest and transparent.
If you're not happy then tell the world. I don't see anything wrong if you were wounded or had a bad past.

(10) Don't promote your products or services!
We all have different needs - it'll be bound useless to push / spam. Let them experience what you have experienced and take it from there.

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