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Do you see yourself driven to be the best?
Heard you are indispensable?
You ever practice perseverance?

If your answer is YES to all above questions, you are likely to have a promising career!

In no particular order, here are 8 SIMPLE STEPS you can take to become the valuable CCA (Call Center Agent) ever:

(1) Be ready/on time for work.
If you have accepted a call center job, you are fully aware that it requires shifting schedule - changes being done on a cyclical basis; Commit to being early at least 15-20 minutes whether you're reporting DAY, MID and NIGHT/Graveyard Shift. Pre-shift meeting or huddles are common on this type of job! It is best to attend to understand your goals for the day...

(2) Managed Absenteeism = Zero Unplanned Leave
I have personally experienced reporting to work at night for about 8 years. It was pretty tough at first but it's the fastest time to report to work - less / no traffic at all and cab drivers don't tend to be very selective. Obviously, I have managed, prevented occasional burnout and enjoyed incentives. 
*Attendance in a state of emergency? It's ideal to call your immediate superior 2 hours prior to scheduled shift. 
*If you were sick and out of the office for 2-3 days, secure a Medical Cert from your physician to be submitted upon return. 
*Lastly, vacations must be planned accordingly. 
(* Must be properly discussed with the Human Resources as Policy / Rules differs from one call center to another)

(3) Study your Product!
... you need to learn how to do the job. Need not worry, Product Trainings are free as you will be the core and soul of Operations. I was once a Telemarketer - prior to Outbound Telemarketing being outlawed entirely. Attended weeks of training and you won't believe I memorized all 50 States of the USA by heart. Dealt with tons of records in front of a black screen. Needed to sound aggressive for it was a hardcore sale and the unforgettable rule: "We are calling from Yorktown Heights, NY" ~ we were not allowed to say Philippines, not even once.

(3) things I learned in SALES - probe, rebut and control the call
From Residential to Business campaign to a Supervisory position on my 2nd Call Center job

Nothing's easy. It would take a little time and effort - Step outside your comfort zone and accept to learn new skills!

(4) Know your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
Setting aside being too complex or technical, it is a must to understand how your performance are being measured. Common examples are AHT (Average Handling Time), Customer Satisfaction, SLA (Service Level Agreement), Schedule Adherance. Metric/s varies, same must be discussed internally. 

(5) Practice English
By default, you must learn how to speak beautiful American English.
Listen how you speak and rate yourself. 
Congratulations if you think you are fluent enough. Otherwise, there are helpful tools online - FREE and the most expensive ones + certification.
If you are doing Order Entry (Back Office), having good writing skills is preferred. For Voice accounts, it's a must to converse amicably.

(6) Quality VS Quantity
If you fail people, why would they ever come back to get your assistance? Stay ahead of the issues. 
You made a mistake? Admit it and fix it straight away. Be honest and upright. Things can go wrong at work - the more problems you solve, the more important you will be to the company.

(7) Positive.
You want positive outcomes and effect? Let your positive attitude play make believe! Be noticed as someone who are more reliable and make the job easier for others as much as possible. If there are responsibilities that you want to do, reach out and ask for it.

(8) Work-Life Balance
Manage your life - Manage your work. Plain and simple. Most Call Centers in the country nowadays promote this as the program is designed to improve individual's productivity, stress management and likely to lessen project's attrition rate. It's over to you how you will define the concept. Always remember that a little relaxation goes a long long way.

Reach the top, have fun and continue to inspire your colleagues to keep that job! Strive to be the very best at what you do!

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