Caramoan Islands (April) 2014

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I couldn't afford to fly outside of Philippines to celebrate my Birthday. When my brother said they're leaving for Caramoan to have their Team Building, I decided to convince myself to go and glad it was all good to join them. 

Apologies, cause I don't think I will be able to itemized the expenses during the trip but to gave you an idea, we were about (14) and we gave out P5,200/head which include fares (bus, boat, tricycle, and jeep), island hopping, food, and a place/house where we slept for 2 nights.

One of the bus companies who offers direct trips to Sabang Port is Raymond Bus Lines - located in Araneta Center, Cubao. 

We left Manila the night of 02/APR then we get to Sabang Port (San Jose, CamSur) morning of 03/APR, Thursday. 

The boat who took us to Guijalo Port ^ 
The food at the Cafeteria fronting the beach is nice. Better get something before you sail 'cause it would take about 2 hours, depending on sea condition. 

 We were so bored and able to get some cat naps...

At Guijalo Port -
We rented a small jeep and tricycle:

Their tricycle are huge and can accommodate up to 8 people...

We all waited for Friday for our island getaway!!! You have to plan your trip soon. We all deserve to enjoy these beautiful islands. Caramoan is captivating but the trip was long-suffering. Will definitely go back but taking the plane next time...

(The thumbnails are clickable)

^ The FREE Tote I got from the Old Navy Flagship Store Grand Opening Day -


This tops my list! It's a twin beach and the rock formations are awesome.

Make sure you pack your sunblock. Sabitang-Laya hardly has shed to cover/hide from too much heat!


This island has the finest white sand and went up a bit to see the other side... Be extra cautious though, the rock formation are pointy and sharp. Got a few cuts when I get down. lol


This part is only accessible during lowtide...

The experience wouldn't be complete without trying the authentic Bicol Express - 

Also able to visit churches -

Travelling are oftentimes tiring and could even test your patience but at the end of it, you'll smile knowing it's worth all the pain, sweat and effort. 

I am claiming the slippers (12 pairs) would last for a year or two until I'm ready to come back...

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  1. Hi Eens! Caramoan Islands is a very captivating place. I was there last year and we checked in at West Peninsula Villas then transferred to Gota Village. Apparently that is where the Survivor Philippines cast gets billeted. We were able to take pictures of their camps, it was fun. My fiance' and I fell in love with Caramoan and it is definitely worth coming back to. :)

  2. Hi Trish! :) I saw some camps while we were on the boat but they were just setting up last April. The place was so nice and will consider Gota Village on my next visit... and plane for sure! lol

  3. There are so many places to visit in our country! Looks like you really had a great time.

  4. My friends and I are planning to go to Caramoan next year, and we're taking the plane instead of the bus ride. I rode a bus to Bicol once, and I told myself I would never repeat that. I hope the beautiful islands were worth it though!

  5. Very exciting to know tha you're experiencing the beauty of the place. The discovery gives you the enjoyment with the group too.

  6. I've been eyeing Caramoan as my bf next anniv. destination i think i should put it to my checklist:)

  7. I've never been to Bicol but when I do I'll make sure to go to Caramoan. Thanks for giving us an idea as to how much you guys spent.

  8. Just.... wow. Another top tourist spot in the making.


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