Birthday Dinner? Breakfast?

2:44:00 AM

Wanted something different and simple with the kids that night. I planned a 1-day vacation leave from work and went to Century City Mall 'cause I suddenly miss and crave for breakfast favorites...

I have a very strange eating patterns nowadays and I don't eat breakfast (breakfast in the Philippines or for most people) consistently cause I sleep during the day. Technically, "breakfast" for me is on or about 6:00 in the evening - the usual move your ass time to prepare for work. 

 I personally chose the Early Bird Breakfast Club, kids' first time to try it and it was indeed a beautiful dinner breakfast at about 8:40 PM. Yay! :)

I got myself  the Sweet Glazed Katsino (P375) for I haven't eaten anything. 
It's a Pork Cutlet / Tonkatsu and tastes like Tocino. I enjoyed it with Hangover Rice and scrambled eggs. Request for extra sauce, it's really good!

I asked the kids and demanded for some finger food - both salty and sweet: 

Kuya ordered Bacon Twist (P285) - baked lean bacon, twisted and served with maple syrup; we loved it and ordered another set. 

I ordered French Toast Fondue (P210) for my daughter and we enjoyed it as well. Served with melted chocolate, maple syrup and cinnamon sugar.

She's excited for school and thrilled for the coloring set offered to her before eating!

Everything looked so bright and happy inside, the usual! This is their second branch at Century City Mall. First is the one in The Fort, BGC where I tried the Toast Fondue and tea. The staff heard it's my Birthday and served a complimentary cake. Thank you guys!


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