Canyon Cove (November) 2013

8:08:00 AM

Staring from your room window, what will you choose? Pool, the beach or both?

Around 6:30PM ^

Attended an office seminar last month held at Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. The place was surprisingly nice and well maintained. Good food and friendly staff. 

I found the room so big cause it was initially 2 people/room but we ended up getting 1 Superior each -!accommodations 

You know what we did? We only used 1 room for sleeping, our guy colleague took the first bed, my friend took the second and I got so comfy on a huge space near the window - 

The pool look so perfect either day or night!

I am not sure if the crowd is bigger during weekends. 

I enjoyed the Dinner setup!

We loved the spring rolls from the bar. The dipping sauce is really good. 

My breakfast view and feeling like a kid with my iced fresh milk :)

I am crazy over lighthouse... I need to find one of these! 

For more info., visit or 

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