Goodbye 2012!

10:42:00 PM

Two Thousand and Twelve - the saddest November, Christmas Eve and New Year! 

Memory is life's sweetest gift...
Ended 2012 with admirable thoughts of you and our family. I love you, Dady!

I know we will have the Father/Husband protection today and always... Thank you for everything!

I made Our Eat Dates because of our passion for great food wherever we are. Will keep it until I can make it grow again... 

To my family and friends - 
It was a great loss and I feel so hopeless and emotionally damaged... 
We never know, I WILL GET BETTER (in time) for everyone, most especially the kids. 
 Thank you all for the comfort and love. 
Let's all hope and pray for a more fruitful 2013!


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