Taco Bell '12

11:29:00 PM

We were really not craving for some type of Tex-Mex food that day. I was feeling a little under the weather I guess, stern backaches from that LazerXtreme thingee that the team put on last Friday. Believe it or not, it was only our 2nd/3rd time in Taco Bell and the food was fresh and good at that time...

From the Pepsi family: Mirinda and Mountain Dew

Grande Meal: 10.5 Cheese Quesadilla, Choco Tostada, (2) Crunchy Tacos and Nachos Supreme

Do you know the snack called "Shing-aling"? I have no idea what this is made of but it tasted like one so I don't think Chocolate syrup can save it...

Mouth watering and it didn't taste "sunog" ;)

I love the grated cheese on it, only the cheese... :p

All the best,

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