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My husband and I were able to try the Miniballen (bite-sized potato balls) two weeks prior to the Bloggers' Party invite I got last 06.23.12.

It was surprisingly good and loved it with Rouillie dip/sauce (mayo with chilli peppers) ^
Would you believe you can get (9) bite-sized pieces for only PhP35.00, got assorted fillings but it was so hard to determine which is cheese, bacon, hotdog and chicken so you better ask for labels... ;)

This is the newest Kroketten kiosk - located at the South Terminal of SM Mall of Asia.

Kroketten started as a full meal in Netherlands, traditionally served with apple sauce and French fries. Since the main objective is to attract Filipino buyers to appreciate the Netherland's Healthy hearty favorite snack, they came up with 9 fillings: Ground Beef, Chicken, Cheese, Hotdog, Mango, Pork Adobo, Tuyo Flakes, Longganisa and Bacon. It comes in different shapes and sizes (see photos below)...

Original Kroket - crunchy, yummy breaded mashed potato roll in oblong shape

Cheese is the best seller which goes with Garlic Mayo! My son and I love the Cheese filling ;)

Potato Balls - best for sharing among friends and families

Kroketten are perfect with their very own healthy, refreshing and natural fruit juice branded exclusively, VERS EN SNEL (means fresh and fast in Dutch). The signature thirst quencher and health booster based on luscious Mango-Guyabano (NUTRI 10) and succelent Strawberry-Passion Fruit (REVITA 10 - pictured above). Available in 12 oz and 16 oz cups and perfect alternative over soda for they don't put white sugar or powder flavours - only the natural sugar of the fresh fruits!

 What combo will you get? ;) Had so much fun, filling and healthy Kroketten experience that afternoon...

 Food bloggers ^ Ready, set, EAT!!!

They say in order to have a brand identity, you need a fun mascot for your business. With Kroketten, they have this cute Dutch Pinay Girl who greeted the customers and built a great opening!
All the best,

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