David Cook Live in Manila '12

1:23:00 AM

This entry won (2) Lower Box tickets to David Cook's Live Concert happened at the Big Dome last Saturday. I felt ecstatic when I got the news and it was another fine Saturdate... 

We left the house at quarter past 3 I believe and started to rain; luckily my husband chose and found this cool route (inside U.P. Village) which is a lot faster over the old/typical way via EDSA. We've reached the Gateway Mall around 16:00 and had a quick Tex-Mex fix at Taco Bell.

After less than 30 minutes or so, I got the concert tickets but I didn't line up of course ;)

Have you accessed http://www.ticketnet.com.ph/ lately? The system is actually useful if you intend to reserve/buy tickets to watch your favorite band/artists in Smart Araneta Coliseum. The site also highlights all the upcoming shows that you don't want to miss with your family. We are also looking forward for they will possibly include tickets for PBA games readily available online, real soon!

I chose to attend the concert to hear David Cook. He's not my ultimate favorite but I certainly love his music - it's just so incredible and the experience was a blast. If we have the same interest for music, you will likely know what I am trying to say here. Not only that, my husband and I were able to slip into some vacant "now" Patron/VIP seats after less than an hour from Lower Box C 3&4 (Thanks, Joey). Would you believe that the audience, mostly girls stayed in front of the stage and stood up all throughout the show for the love of David? Check out my photos, I was this close and good thing I managed (blame it on the heels); Oh please, we don't need our platform shoes or pumps during concerts. Lol

Right before singing "The Last Song I'll Write For You" <3

Thank you Smart Araneta Coliseum for you allowed us to take photos and even videos; I heard some bands, especially international will prohibits even camera phones in concerts (?) Security people will stop you and would even confiscate your gadgets but it didn't happen that night. It was a remarkable one!

For all we know, shows, sports events, whatever it is are not commonly advertised on papers and/or radio nowadays, Like the Facebook Page and Follow TicketNet for continuous updates:

All the best,

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