I want an El Nido Resorts Holiday!

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Is work the best part of your life? I totally agree it is important for us to accomplish our goals but our individual roles in the corporate world should not hinder us from achieving worklife balance and/or getting what matters most.

I consistently say I crave for some vacation or break from the stresses of work. I often overlook the importance of proper sleep and relaxation that I know will not do any good. My husband and I both works full time but we don't want to miss out on quality time with our kids. Planning a simple getaway will even give us a perfect chance to reconnect as a couple for we weren't able to celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary out of the congested city due to several client-driven workloads.

I am not sure if we deserve winning something like this more than any other family, but our kids who loves the beach (anything to do with water) will give them an ultimate vacation -  El Nido Resorts will create the memories we (happy family) can certainly keep for a lifetime! White sand, crystal clear water, ocean that is turquoise, island filled with trees, El Nido is a paradise...

Even experts are saying that regular holidays are a vital necessity these days and not a luxury! Let us give ourselves the encourangement we all deserve and schedule some R&R...

Happy 30th Year Anniversary, El Nido Resorts!

About Apulit Island

Apulit Island Resort, located in Taytay, Northern Palawan, offers an idyllic getaway for those in search of a tropical paradise. The sprawling resort is set within a pristine cove with a wide expanse of white-sand beach lined with coconut trees. It boasts of an unspoiled location and showcases a wealth of wildlife, colorful tropical fishes, and scenic landscapes.

Apulit Island Resort's Water Cottages Facade
Apulit Island Resorts’ 50 over-water cottages, built in traditional architecture mixed with contemporary design, invite guests to simply relax and bask in the serenity of the island. It offers al fresco dining at the Clubhouse restaurant and has a beach bar. Recreational facilities include a massage cabana and a marine sports center. There is a boutique, game area, pier lounge, private gardens, and the Octagon Pier, a scenic platform for private cocktails and even weddings.

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