Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through...

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...my kids' toys (mostly battery powered) and the remote controls in the bedroom; Being a working mom with a job that would normally require a few monitoring tasks to do from home is not easy but seeing the kids very busy enjoying their toys powered by not so ordinary batteries is the most important thing for me to get my work done, right and fast to ensure my weekends / home time record are for them exclusively. Through this setup, battery life should never get in the way of the game. Kids are so demanding these days, you know, right *Winks*

My husband and I stock batteries (several brands) many times before for we are obviously remote control enthusiasts, although we notice that the controllers usage is getting shorter over time. Time to replace the batteries, again? I hate it when it's a yes!

Having (3) controllers just for the home-theater alone would not spare you some extra money out of your monthly budget and so we made a big switch and appreciate the true value and power of Energizer (Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries) for our family! 

  My 5-year old boy is so into HEROES... We love to watch movies on DVD, play with our kids while they sing/connect using all of their battery powered TOYS and will forever be grateful for Energizer 'cause it gave us the reason to love our personal stuff and schedule more!

For the love of Spidey as well... We are counting the days for the movie!

   Energizer and Nuffnang bring you “The Amazing Spider-Man” on June 29, 2012 (Friday) at the Powerplant Mall!

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