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Party Pop Up is a party shop that offers a unique way of celebrating your kids' birthday. They have a vision of changing the way parties and events are experienced by providing a distinctive full service party planning.

My husband and I together with our kids attended the Media Launch last Saturday. It was one fun-filled afternoon for all of us for we were able to see and experience (firsthand) Party Pop Up's outstanding service plus these cute birthday themes -


Party Pop Up provide more than just a party set-up... with a unique theme and the best suppliers they have to offer; Quality is not sacrificed for quantity, as distinct themes and that sought-after excitement are the mainconsiderations when the parties are carefully crafted and created.

A brainchild of 3 creative individuals with background in food, event management, styling and production - they aim to bring back parties where arts and crafts are highlighted in every celebration!

 The sample party was even made special by the participation of Party Pop Up's partners: Pint Ice Cream, Senor Churritos, Manang's Chicken, Glimmer Body Art, Our Kitchen by Manila Catering, Unit 16 Sweets, The Lollicake Factory, Paisley Pastries, OK Pose Photobooth and Make Believe Production.

I personally enjoyed the Churritos especially the (refined) chocolate dip!

Manang's Chicken is way too sweet for me but still a must-try!

 The organizers prepared a lot of cool and educational activities for the kids! 

Thank you for the invite, Nuffnang (Tin & Thea) and Party Pop Up!
If you will be celebrating your little tots' birthday anytime soon and hoping to have it remarkable, you may contact Party Pop Up at:

(0917) 490-4399
(0917) 794-1984
(632) 211-9644

Thanks for the visit,
Our Eat Dates & more!

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