S&R Members' Treat: 1st Day (March 2012)

5:38:00 PM

Hi All! Do you also look forward to the Members' Treat? For those who have not experienced the sale, the days are normally scheduled and being announced at least a week prior to the first day. 

How long did you wait in line this time? My son and I was there for MORE than an hour or so. The husband who logged out from work a little past 8:00 greeted us (5th down the line) near the Entrance door. We just really love you, S&R!

We were at The Fort 10 minutes before 8:00 (communicated opening time) only to find out that the store opened it's door to the public at 7:00AM. :( I am not so sure if this happened to other branches but if I only knew, we would have adjusted as well...

Snapshot I - around 7:54AM

Snapshot II - It was moderately moving at first, until we've reached the front access, across the new St. Lukes Hospital - 

 Snapshot III - This is where I wanted to give up... At least, all of us weren't allowed to get carts while waiting and was assured to get one upon entering the warehouse! 

Time check: 9:38AM, we're finally IN! Hi, Mrs. Jimmy Alapag... :) She must be one of the early birds!

 Hello, first day! LOL

Hubby and I were wise enough to only get some Buy 1 Take 1 deals and majority of a few discounted items (Average: P150 and above)

Do you happen to see any toys on sale from other branch? There weren't any toy piece in Fort. As in no toys / on sale!
I think we've reached the counter at around 3:00 in the afternoon. :) All terminals remained open with cashiers that time, but there were a lot of shoppers... It was even our first time to eat standing!      

I was allowed to go out for awhile with this ink on my skin... Fair enough for I was able to go back and used a separate passage from all the rest.

We waited 20 minutes for the pizza.

I am so tired, not feeling really well but happy with all the loot! Sorry, I can't hardly remember the original prices but will share the SALE (Round-Off) PRICE -

  Step Stool P200

Sterilite Hamper (B1T1) P500

Ice Cube Tray (B1T1) P130; Cooler P500

Folding Table P600

Potato Skins P180; Tortilla Chips P100

Cheese Sauce (3kg) P350

Vidalia P220 each; Mayo P140

Sandwich Box SMALL P75 each; Big P100

Lemonade P375

Milk Chocolate Shake P45

Listerine 1.5L (B1T1) P600
Suave Conditioner (B1T1) P150
Softsoap + free Small Pump Bottle P250
Garnier Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (B1T1) P230 
Swiffer X-LARGE P500
Dove Deodorant P125
Huggies Body Wash P100

Zip Liquid (B1T1) P105
Zip Powder P40 each 

Room Spray (B1T1) P100

Pasta Noodles (B1T1) P100

Skippy Creamy P280 each

Ketchup P130
Spaghetti Sauce (B1T1) P100

Noodles P50 each

Cheesecake P250

Apple Strudels (B1T1) P200

Pizza (half Pepperoni / half Garlic Shrimp) - no discount :) 

Hope to see your blogs too... :) All above mentioned details are reasons why we keep on coming back to this Members' Treat all the time! I wasn't able to bring home some linens / sheets from the sale; I miss the old P1500 offer for (2) Queen sets.   

Thanks for the visit,
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  1. I love shopping! But unfortunately, I am still not a member of SnR.. I thought the Php700 membership fee is just too pricey.. But I am actually thinking of it na. Soon, for sure. The chocolate drinks that you bought, caught my attention. Haha! Thanks for sharing. one point for considering on getting a membership. =)

  2. I just renewed last Wednesday because of the sale. Go sis! :)

  3. Shopping galore!!!!!! Tiring but the excitement you had was superb!

    1. Naku kapag sale lang :) Tiring but it's a great family bonding too!

  4. wow!! those are huge great deals dear!! super shopping tlg! very lucky!

    1. Thank you sis! Yes, best buy talaga most of it, parang nabawi ko na agad yung Membership fee.

  5. Wow! I've heard the line at S&R was long, but these photos made me believe more! I hope I get to visit S&R soon and apply for a membership. I don't think we'll go there 'pag sale though. Parang di ata naman keri ang super long lines.. XD

  6. My brother goes to the sale. We give him a list. Hahaha

  7. gawd, i don't know if i can endure that long line...are the prices really that low?

    RC Gweniful

  8. I hope they have an outlet in Manila. ^_^

    1. Hi Mark! They have (4) branches here in Manila: Alabang, Fort, Aseana & Congressional in QC; there's one in Cebu and newest is Pampanga :) HTH


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