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I feel honored to be invited to the launching of Johnson's New Gen Care baby products held at Enderun Colleges in McKinley Hill yesterday. I arrived with/met some friend mommy bloggers: Jen and Dul and all of us were in a truthful mood (feel at home) with a lot of mommy and soon to be moms in the event! The ever charming (gave birth- 8 months ago?), mommy of 5, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan hosted the event along with other New Gen Moms who confidently shared parenting tips and some personal itineraries at home. 

As quoted from the study presented by BBDO Philippines General Manager, Francine Khan-Gonzales, new generations moms are active seeker, multi-role manager, has an efficient support system, empowered by technology and highly expressive. SHE can efficiently balance work, personal advocacy while making sure family is still her top priority, uses Google (Tech-Savvy) to know the latest products and services in the metro and an originator - first to FIND / SHARE!
It is good to know that Johnson's has evolved to meet our needs for ourselves, most especially to our kids. 

Meet the NEW Johnson's® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion (specially formulated for babies - SPF15/SPF30) and Johnson's® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash:

Events are windows to learning... Imagine how damage can cause even if our kids are clothed and just playing in the house? Through the years, I only buy sun protection for swimming. Will definitely use these for my kids (5 & 1 year-old). I've checked it myself and am happy to know that the lotion is non-sticky nor greasy! :)
Wow, they also have refill pouch! :)
This is perfect for Newborns. Johnson’s® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash comes in a unique self foaming format that lathers instantly to a fine and delicate foam in ONE pump. Did you know that the bottle is even designed for moms to pump foam with one hand only so we can bathe baby with the other? Cool! This new innovative wash can be used in 3 simple steps:

First by rotating the pump clockwise to release the pump, second is by pushing down the nozzle with one hand until foam is released and third is by closing the pump and rotating it counterclockwise. 

Johnson’s® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion and Johnson’s® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash are now available in The Landmark, Watson's, Baby & Co. and selected Mercury Drug outlets near you. Suggested Retail Price are as follows:

(in Philippine Peso)
SPF15 100ml P230
SPF30 50ml P215

400ml Bottle P407
350ml Refill P323.40 (will announce in my blog come June 2012) 

This is what I love with Mommy events... My little boy is with me and had so much fun! Thank you again, Nuffnang (Thei - for texting for I've overlooked the emails) and of course, Johnson's!

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