Happy 10th Year Anniversary!

5:09:00 PM

We had 2 (simple) celebrations ♥♥♥

We were in Greenbelt, one week prior to our 10th year and had another unplanned dinner. Oh well, both of us deserve a treat, right?! :)
Thought of Yakimix so hubby called (02) 475-5153 to reserve; We were told that they don't accept phone reservations and dinner will start at 6:00pm. Walked from Glorietta to Greenbelt and reached the buffet restaurant at exactly 5:45pm so we're late (?) Dinner starts at 5:30, not 6!!! :-/
I felt really bad... You know the feeling when you've got your mind set already?

Walked towards the other side then Chili's saved the mood... 

We got the Triple Play - "a combo of our three favorite starters. Generous portions of our Chicken Crispers, Buffalo Wings and Southwestern eggrolls with sauces for dipping."
Will leave you to answer if the serving is generous? LOL 
I just love the eggrolls and the sauces: Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard and Avocado Ranch - even hubby thought it was Guacamole :)

Baby Back Ribs & Chicken - this is indeed Chili's famous combination. :)

I was supposed to order the Molten Chocolate Cake / Choco Chip Paradise Pie but we were so stuffed (1 Appetizer & Grilled Favorite + (2) Refillable drinks). We will get you on our next visit!

Not to mention, I want to commend Chili's for having a clean and very well-maintained restaurant. Crew are attentive and all friendly. They even have a restroom lady who monitors the area.

    - - - - - -

We went to King Chef in Banawe over the weekend to simply take advantage of their Dimsum promo. Will create a separate blog for I never had the chance to take photos. The brother-in-law paid for the food that time. Everything was so delicious and we will definitely go back for the Siomai, Beancurd Roll, Spareribs with Taosi and Chicken Feet! :)

The kids have planned for another milk tea time the night before so we headed to Cha Dao Tea Place along Matalino Rd in QC right after Lunch. They have a FREE Upsize as part of the soft opening... I paid less than P700 for 8 XL drinks + Add-Ons: (double) Pearls and Popping Boba 

 Kuya and I chose Chocolate - one of the Classic Blends and we enjoyed it! Hubby ordered Grape Fruit Tea and will get that next time ;) Super yummy...

Popping Boba - I learned this from our niece whose a super #1 fan of Cha Dao
These are pearls with juice that pops in the mouth when eaten :)

- - - - - - 

We chose Racks for dinner with the kids! Cheers to a lasting friendship and love...

Spaghetti Carbonara for the pasta boy :) 
The sauce is plain but rich and creamy. My son have almost finished the whole serving

 I suddenly missed my HS friends :)
Racks has the best ribs and BBQ sauce in town! You can take 1 home for only P200+ (forgot the exact price)

Still juicy, tender and soft!

We enjoyed the chicken too! It was actually my first time to taste this for I always settle for the ribs... If you can picture a not so ordinary chicken taste - that's my best description (paired with gravy)

They run out of Gravy Fries and Mashed Potato that night so we ended up getting this (Coleslaw) and Corn & Carrots (not pictured) = I won't recommend those mentioned :)

We didn't buy anything sweet there for we took home: Chocolat's Deep Dark Classic - this reminds me that we still have (3) more days to finish the whole cake...

Sorry Dady, I broke the heart LOL

Thanks for the visit,
Our Eat Dates & more!

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  1. Had the same experience before; Yakimix didn't accept phone reservations so we had to wait in line and it was torture. The food didn't lift much of our spirits :( So good thing you went for Chili's :P


  2. It's JUST buffet but nothing special really. Thank you for visiting! :)

  3. Sweet! :) Congrats on your happy marriage :) That's a lot of food!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Minsan lang yan LOL

  4. I haven't been to Chili's yet, but I hope I can eat there with the bf really soon.. :) And ahhh.. King Chef is one of my fave Chinese restos! ^^ Great food, service and ambiance. And now I'm also missing Racks! It's been a while since I've eaten there.. :)

    Anyway, happy 10th year anniversary and more power to you guys! :)

    1. Thanks Sumi! :-* Will definitely go back to King Chef. Anything you can recommend, aside from the Dimsum? We missed Racks too haha

  5. Wow that was food sensory overload! Yum yum! I haven't been to Chili's yet but I hope to go there soon. Been hearing a lot of good reviews about them. Anyway Happy Anniversary!

    1. You will love Chili's sis. :) Thank you for the greeting!

  6. i love popping boba too!:)tried them before from Goldilocks! :)

    1. Really? Wow, I didn't know meron sa Goldilocks... What flavor/s?


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