Day 67 of 366: Gong Cha

11:50:00 PM

It was a long day... Hubby and I have finally convinced ourselves to try Gong Cha - 

 The usual queue in Food Choices - Glorietta 4

Look how big is the menu tarp ^ LOL

Waited for less than 5 minutes for (2) Large drinks :)

I got the Taro Milk Tea and Lemon Juice with Jelly for the hubby. The 50% sugar is quite flavorless thus if I request to have it 75%, the drink will be too sweet for me same goes for the Lemon Juice. We might need to pick other flavors next time. :) I was thrilled for the cups for it was a little different from the rest (so soft and easy to tear) so I kept it for recycling purposes. 

Thanks for the visit,

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