Day 69 of 366: Bon Vivant

9:58:00 PM

Bon Vivant's still the flavorful gourmet rice for me. I learned about this during St. Scho days - long breaks (5-6 hours) and we have no where else to go. LOL

I wonder if we still have Little China in SM Megamall / along Pearl Drive in Ortigas? I remember Oink Oink. :)

I was so surprised when I saw that same old kiosk - Level 4, Robinson's Place

 My Lunch earlier: BABES IN THE SEA-TY

 BABES IN THE SEA-TY: Shrimps, Crabsticks, Chicken & Bacon

I always want it hot and spicy. Everything was perfectly cooked and tasty! I remember, we used to buy it for P30+. I know it's been years and so glad the business is still up and running! Will go back to try everything (again).

BV's Gourmet Rice Specials are as follows:

Babes P55
Chix P55
Veggie P60
Under The Sea P68
Babes in the Sea-Ty P72
Ooh La La P70
Veggie Hana P71
A-Ali-Aligue P88
La Isda Bonita P62
Roex3 Ur Boat P105
Paella Negra P82
Abuchikee P62
Pekingling-Kiling P74
Sea-Sea-Sid P74
F4 P76
Seapseapan P76
Greench P76
Kare-Keropi P76
Barbie-Q P71
Binagoongan P71
Sosylog P72
Beebimbop P78
Zhinois P78

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  1. hi! do you have any idea where they are now? thanks! :)

  2. i've also been looking for them since ages ago.


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