Day 59 of 366: Max's Corner Bakery

7:27:00 PM

This is where we buy Caramel Bars, Choco or Banana Loaf... We attended a Birthday party in Max's over a week ago and my kids got all these - 

 Happy Birthday, Rocco! Thanks again for the invite. We had so much fun - M&C :)

I kept the cookies for my son's pack food the next morning. These are also part of the loot bags distributed to the kids. 

The birthday family got this package for the guests per table. We were only 6 adults with 4 kids in the table where we were asked to be seated. I don't know what happened to the leftover food. :/ Hardest part on a typical table service.  

Thanks for the visit,
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  1. caramel bar and chicken ftw!! i like their pancit canton and chopsuey also!


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