Day 52 of 366: Bank Account for the Tots!

11:57:00 PM

Do you want to get savings account for your baby? It's very easy. You may want to check BPI, Metrobank or BDO for this. I recently opened ITF ("in trust for") for my kids (< than 7 years old both) in Bank of the Philippine Islands (Jumpstart Savings) and Metrobank (Fun Savers Club) - 

Mommy/Daddy's (2) Identification Cards
1x1 / 2x2 Photo ID
Baby's Certificate of Live Birth
*School Records (4 years and above)
and Money :)
Regular Savings P500 maintaining balance
Savings with Interest P10000 (BPI) and P4000 (Metrobank)

FREE Insulated Lunch Bag (Pencils + sticker - 3 years ago)
Discount card from FSC accredited merchants (Personal Accounts > Savings Accounts > Fun Savers Club - in the Details section, hit Special Privileges at popular establishments

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