Attended: Expo Kid - Year 4

3:32:00 PM

Did you visit the Expo Kid? We were there too... ;)

Hubby paid P25 but the kids and I got in FREE...

:) "Proud to be Pinoy!" @ Camp Adobo booth

 My son was asked to spell CAMP ADOBO ;)


What captured my attention that day was all the great benefits of homeschooling facilitated by Mr Edric Mendoza. I strongly agree that "we only have one shot at parenting"! I heard a couple of testimonials from homeschoolers themselves and I certainly think that a customized education for our kids is the best. Why do you think people became so interested in homeschooling? Will blog more on this when I get the chance to attend the conference happening on May 19th

Thanks for the loot... :-*

Thanks for the visit,
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