Day 31: VITAMILK = Mine Ü

6:09:00 PM

I've discovered VITAMILK late last year. I've been a chocolate milk drinker for years and has been part of my practice (hot / cold at night or before bed time). You may think I get great difficulty sleeping but NO, I don't. When I'm tired, just prefer to have a very peaceful night to relax. Chocolate milk is a sleep-inducing drink for me and so comforting...

Now I alternate chocomilk (dairy) with this - 

Chocolate Soy Milk Benefits:
- No cholesterol
- Yummy chocolatey taste
- Also contains Vitamins and Minerals that regular dairy chocomilk has
- Great alternative for those allergic to dairy products (lactose intolerance) 

(Downside) High in sugar - this is not a drink that should be taken several times per day!

I also hope they can come up with plastic bottle with screw covers :)

Available in 711 for P25.00
P23.00 - groceries
<  than P21.00 - major supermarket (Landmark)

Thanks for the visit,

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  1. oooh too bad my tummy hurts if i take lots of milk.

  2. Replies
    1. not yet sis. im a coffee drink kasi :) hehe not milk drinker din talaga, although ok sakin milo/ ovaltine or swiss miss

  3. This is one of my fav. ^_^ If you are looking for plastic bottle, try Soy Master, available also in 7-11. :)


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