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From L - R (top to bottom): Avalon Hand & Body Lotion (Lavender), Avalon Scalp Treatment Shampoo (Tea Tree), HHN: Hydrating Toner, Sunflower Oil, Kids Shampoo & BW (Tangerine Tarsier) and Hydrating Facial Wash, Spa in a Can by Echostore and Earth's Best Toothpaste    

I always get excited whenever we need to shop/stock up. 
I absolutely love Avalon Lavender! I'm a fan since college days...

I alternate this with my regular nighttime lotion; Why don't you try one, to see how it can help you relax during bed time - no sticky feeling, easy and softly scented. Hubby and I uses it for massage too :)

Here in the Philippines, Human Heart Nature is the most popular brand that carries all organic products. Do you use / buy them?

We started with HHN mid-2010. I personally decided to sign-up as one of the distributors in the country for I was overwhelmed with it's natural effect. I am 100% pinay but don't normally go for locally made products except for a few names and this one. This is the only local brand I featured in my e-Store. :)

I won't deny the fact that I totally miss the old HHN Kids' Shampoo & Body Wash. :( We still have to try the Pineapple (NEW!) variant this week... Hubby and I love the Banana and Watermelon scent - given that it's organic, I don't worry much for the kids to use it more than thrice a day and yet it has lasting fresh scent on scalp and skin. I talked to a girl from HHN (Sucat branch) recently and asked (so curious) why did they remove several items that are very popular these days and I was only told that they have a new Chemist... (?) Sad! On a lighter side, I prefer the Hydrating and Balancing line - facial wash and toner over the old Tomato and Moringa when they started. :)
Advertisement: Should you want to try HHN, you may course it thru Bambino® Phils! XoXo :)

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