Mercato Centrale 2012

10:30:00 PM

Do you ever get tired of thinking?
Do you ask where/what to eat repeatedly?
Mercato Centrale can surely solve the problem! 

We were in Krocodile Grille (Greenbelt 3) last Saturday evening and had a light dinner -

Fat and Thin Noodles - my son's ultimate comfort food
Yummy noodles with generous toppings for only P110 (?) :)

Inihaw na Liempo is a Filipino term for grilled pork belly... So flavorful and paired with Vinegar (moderately spicy) but I personally asked for the Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pork Vinaigrette) dipping sauce.
I only had 1 rice, noodles and liempo and a bottle of beer for I was finally able to convince hubby to visit Mercato (took us more than a year)! ;)

 Around 22:18

We roam around the area and checked everything first... 
We were stuffed and just managed to try - 

Taclings - bite-sized tacos served in egg cartons: GENIUS!
Available in 6 and 12 pieces
Crispy, yummy and addicting! Will definitely go back to Mercato for this...

The Choriburger Joint's Boracay Choriburger - Ooops, not that I expected... :(
The burger was cold and tasted like Longganisa (sweet sausage) 
(Still) Nothing beats Bun On The Run...

Kuya munching on Mozzarella Cheesesticks (Pepperoni) Are you familiar with Mantou Stuffed Bread Sticks? Same taste... Thoughts?

Edgys' Dalandan (Citrus) & Melon (Cantaloupe) Fruit Juices - 3 for P100
Will hoard next time! :)

MedChef's Moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate shavings and sprinkled cocoa on top.
It's Chocolate-full! Have you tried Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven? They have the same consistency and taste, except the latter don't have caramel filling. We also tried the cream puff - all is good except for the shell which is a little hard to bite; maybe because it was kind of expose (?) and not covered...

Waiting for his turn... @ Mio Gelati mini truck :)

Whenever we eat out, we make it a point to always end it with gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream etc. (anything cold, sweet or both)


All of us enjoyed it... We never had the chance to go to Caffe Ti Amo that night and so happy that we were able to try Mio. Aside from the cute gelato mobile truck - the SAs were proactive enough in offering taste test for it was so hard to choose. Will try Snickers next time... Ferrero is (2) thumbs up!

 See you again, Mio Gelati!

I have prepared a list for our next visit... Will try:

Big Bob's
Gavino's Donuts
Chef Resty
Casa Goni
Stop Over Pizza

For everyone's information:

Thanks for the visit,

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  1. Wow the pancit looks yummy! Eens, you gotta try MOCHIKO! ;)

  2. What a great Blog. Like this we know where to go when we are in Manila!

  3. Thanks for checking! :) When are you visiting Phils?

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