Happy Cream Puff

7:33:00 AM

I learned this from hubby so one day I study how to get there... ;)

Happy Cream Puff has (3) branches in Makati and I practically chose the one along Dela Rosa - 

Good job, Maps! :)

It may be a bit confusing at first. When you see RADA St. / Rada Regency, don't enter the building but walk towards CASTRO St. to see HCP :)

Hmmm... Smells good inside, cool temperature and the place it so clean :) 

My favorite is the Almond Caramel ^

Everything is so delish! These are bite-size cream puff thus you will obviously enjoy the creamy filling... Just another unique and clever invention in the country! :) More power Happy Cream Puff!!! If not tomorrow, will try next weekend. I want to try the Eclair :D

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