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To all the readers of this post - 

Please accept my apologies for this is not to share a promo, but what transpired 3 weeks ago (10th of February 2012) around Lunchtime. We honestly didn't plan to eat at TOSH (SM Mall of Asia), the resto simply greeted us from the supermarket exit and chose it over Yellow Cab.

Without further ado, husband and I ordered "Trio 4 - ITALIAN" and (2) glasses of refillable Iced Tea. Read more...

Fried Mozzarella Sticks

Spaghetti Carbonara

Supremo Pizza

 Everything was served on time and even commended the person who gave us the condiments.  I was like wow, the food servings were big enough for 2 people sharing and got excited to bill out... My kids will enjoy another pizza-pasta treat. (?)

Will not provide any food review here for we left TOSH disappointed, hungry and feeling sick. First, it was one of the Iced Tea glasses they served, which was replaced right away.

Where did you come from?

Eventually, after 2 small servings of pasta, inside the container...
Oh gosh, we used the Parmesan! Grrr 
Look at the photos - it was alive and moving. I should have used my video camera but never had the chance for I trembled due to anger and fear of cockroaches... 

Facing the LEFT ^

Roaches contaminate human food, RIGHT?

The Managers - Store/Area/General reiterated their food sanitation training being done once or twice annually, but I don't think that learning (if there is?) nor the practice is being applied. Are you taking food safety quizzes? Your main responsibility is to protect everything from contamination. Forget about your Vision ("To be the no. 1 pasta-based restaurant in the Philippines"). It's not going to happen. I am so sure this has happened to a lot of people - they have 27 branches nationwide.

To: The Old Spaghetti House -
You may find this image very useful... At least you will be reminded to clean / ensure food safety (?)

Forget the Take-OUT!!!

Friends and family, please share this 'cause EVERYONE has to know! By the way, they have offered us P5,000 worth of TOSH GCs... Who in the world will accept that? MY FAMILY and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE OLD SPAGHETTI HOUSE!   

All the best,

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  1. nyaiks! thanks for sharing mars! the last time that we ate there was more than a year ago. and di na kami babalik jan. thanks!

  2. Please share mare. Nakakadiri sila... Thank God, hindi namin kasama kids! Thank you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. "It's not going to happen. I am so sure this has happened to a lot of people - they have 27 branches nationwide."

    A little rough, isn't it? They do have around 27 branches and I'm pretty sure that if there's even any truth to this "warning," it's just an isolated case. If something goes wrong in one outlet, it doesn't automatically mean that all the other branches should suffer for it. After all, they DO have tons of customers especially during the weekends and IF this were true, they may have just been caught at a bad time. Especially that fly. Open the doors of TOSH MOA and anything could enter the store, considering the location. It CAN'T possibly be their fault, or anyone's fault for that matter..

    Sorry this happened to you. I hope to God it doesn't happen to me as I am TERRIFIED of cockroaches as well. I just believe TOSH deserves to shed some light on this issue before people start scaring other people (with cockroach images) to boycott the place. Even if they were "most likely" guilty, maybe we can all just treat them like human beings who make mistakes. Surely no one wouldn't think that ANYONE would do this on purpose, do you? Unlike those "reviewers" who blatantly attack restaurants for bad service and such for free food and money (i.e. more expensive GCs?). :) Bless us all.

  5. thanks for the info. i want to try TOSH pa naman.

  6. @Maezie Thanks for the input but I don't firmly believe that what happened to us is an isolated case. I respect all TOSH fans currently. We were loyal customers until that day. A person in Twitter shared what they have experienced last month (SM Manila branch) - "1. Wrong food served 2. Straw was dusty 3. Spoon and fork we're greAsy!"

    @Michi Hi there! Thanks for the visit. As I may have mentioned, we were loyal foodies of TOSH up until that day. You can try them but I may hold the guilt if will still recommend them...

    1. Hi. I'm a loyal TOSH customer, and same as you, I am entitled to my opinion. I agree that this is just but an isolated case. I mean, do you actually think that all TOSH outlets would have cockroaches in their shakers? And alleged lang naman. Imagine, pano pa kaya ang isaw sa UP? Haha. I think you're too harsh. Can you tell me one restaurant na perfect in all aspects? Zero complaint?

  7. I think we should be more careful about our comments. I agree with tony that these things do happen but is never intentional. Blogs and commets like these are very destructive in a sense where the punishment far outweights the fault. Crippling a business because of your experience is very harsh. From your own words they apologized and tried to compensate but it seems you are out for blood. How greedy of you. How would you feel if an officemate tells all of your colleagues and bosses how lazy you are rather than just talking to you directly about it. Frankly it seems you are just showboating and desperate for attention. Have you ever had a restaurant of your own? The honorable way to deal with this is to talk to the persons involved rather than rallying a mob to hunt your enemy.

  8. Oo nga. Di ba Marketing and field mo at CS ka pa naman din? Sana di rin mangyari sa yo yan na ikaw mismo di mo alam pano i-pacify irrate customer mo. Life is full of 360's you know. Not that I'm saying it's bad not to complain and air out your sentiments, but I'm disappointed that you aired out your concern in such a bad taste. I think it's conduct unbecoming of a CS Manager. No class and breeding at all...

  9. @Tony & Excel -
    In the first place, you don't have the right to tell me things nor insult me for I was the victim here - I EXPERIENCED IT, NOT YOU! Why are you so affected anyway? :D Goodbye! Have a great exit, I don't expect people like you in here.

  10. Hi Eens. Not really affected but now I am since all I thought this cyberspace is a free & PUBLIC venue to share thoughts (just like what you did in sharing this story). Sanitation is indeed a serious issue, and I empathize with you. Why, since I was also a victim of a similar incident myself. I had to learn the hard way since I was not mature in dealing it and ranted about my case (I will not name the resto anymore). I am appalled now more for shutting your doors for comments like these. Next time, de-activate your comment function here. Sorry to disappoint you if you are expecting that all comments would be favorable to you, kaso, hindi. God bless!

  11. First off, we do have the right as much as you. How does it feel to have a dose of your own medicine? It's ok for you to rant at others but others cannot rant at you? I know your experience was appalling but you could have handled it in a much more civilized manner instead of using a fake title. The words you chose can be used against you by TOSH for libel. Bloggers are not Gods nor judges. Next time be more sensitive in blogging because there is such a thing as responsible journalism. Being proactive and reactive are two different things and you are being the later. Btw, if this incident happened way back why you are reporting this just now? (rhetorical question)


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