"Eat's A Date"

5:00:00 PM

This is happening tomorrow night, February 29th, 2012!!! :)

"Eat's A Date" is an OpenRice.com Philippines' mini-eyeball event which brings foodies together to experience unique food adventures. Joining the OpenRice team in exploring what each restaurant has to offer are food bloggers and registered OpenRicers. Eat's a Date will help you find the perfect place to eat good food while having a good time with your gastronomic buddies."

Would you like to participate?
(food blogger / registered OpenRicer)

E-mail OpenRice.com at events@openrice.com.ph with the following information:

Subject: "I want to join Eat's a Date"
Event Date: (choose from the announced schedules in www.openrice.com, Facebook, Twitter and/or 
Full Name: 
Blog Name or OpenRice username:
Mobile Number:

You may leave the Event Date and Venue blank as you will get a confirmation/invite if you will still be counted for tomorrow's event. As of 11:15 earlier, they have open slots available... Hurry! :)

Do you want to be featured in OpenRice.com?
(sponsor / restaurant owner or manager)

Call (632) 637-7632 or email events@openrice.com.ph with the following information:

Subject: "I want to sponsor Eat's a Date"
Name of Restaurant
Branch Address
Office Address
Contact Person
Contact Numbers

All the best,

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  2. free po ba sumali sa Eat's a Date? I mean magkanopo ang babayaran sa food? would want to try joining e. thanks.


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